Gas Purifiers

Gas purifiers are an essential part of your GC analysis. Without the appropriate gas purifier, problems such as noisy baselines, moisture entering GC column, excessive bleed, reduced column lifetime and irreproducible results will occur. These problems are created by hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen in the carrier gases.

Features and Benefits
The Advanced Gas Filter System (AFS) has high capacity and efficiency levels for :
  • oxygen (750 cc, < 1 ppb),
  • water (12 g, < 10 ppb), and
  • hydrocarbons (8 g, < 1 ppb).

Each connection in the AFS is made with two fluoro - elastomer seals. The polycarbonate shield that surrounds the glass indicator section of the filter is sealed, so the gas flow is secure even if the glass is broken.

Recommended Applications

Recommended for GC carrier or detector gas lines.

Product Specifications

The two part system includes a small stainless steel manifold and a high capacity filter cartridge. It can be attached to a laboratory wall or bench with the brackets included.

The recommended flow rate is 2 L/min and 200 psi maximum operating pressure.